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If you are a small business owner and you don’t have a website,
Now is the time!

Bill Gates once famously said
“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

A recent survey shows that new small business start-ups who have an online presence are over 30% more likely to stay in business beyond 3 years, compared to company’s without a website.

Owning a domain name for your company is a must for anyone thinking of starting a business, no matter what size and even if your business is offline.

It also helps to protect your companies name and prevent misuse, as there’s always somebody looking to steal of business identify so it’s essential it’s the first thing you secure.

If you’re thinking setting up a website sounds expensive or hard work, we're here to help!

Welcome to UniMinds UniBiz Inbound Marketing Software & Hosting Services

Our most popular product, UniBiz, which has been originally developed for our own in-house use, is a unique electronic publication / e-commerce system that enables our clients to manage their entire website content and product information by using our easy to understand online administration console. This console makes changes and updates very cost effective, as updates can be made with relatively little HTML skills or knowledge.

Short list of UniBiz features and functions:

  • Full Digital and Electronic Inbound Marketing & Publication Software Suite
  • Automatic Start/End of editorials, feature editorials, products, sale items, etc.
  • Product Updates (Price changes, product availability, new products, etc.)
  • Order Processing / Fulfillment Center (Order confirmations, rejection, etc.)
  • Customer Management (Customer Enquiries, Email Campaigns, etc.)
  • Advertisement placement and tracking console
  • A complete, modular enabled solution including database and hosting services.

    UniBiz has been designed to seamlessly integrate your back-end order processing systems. Our team has worked closely with many mail/parcel carrier companies such as DHL, USPS, UPS, and Federal Express.

    UniBiz extends your order processing capabilities by offering standard features such as inventory control management, shipping management, gift certificates, email campaigns, software downloads, discounts, etc.

  • All of our packages are bundled with yearly hosting fees and basic site design.

    Contact a UniMinds Media Account Executive for a full online demo here.

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