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UniMinds Media Group is a family-owned, highly diversified, business-to-business media company. We provide authoritative digital online publications, research, databases, online development / exchanges, product branding / creative, and information products, to strategic internet based global markets.

Since 1995, UniMinds has been known for providing comprehensive coverage of several strategic markets. In those early days, UniMinds was a pioneer in the emerging Internet industry, primarily catering to the scholastic sciences. Today, UniMinds has an extensive offering of digital magazines, websites, directories, and video production services.

UniMinds' products serve as a lens for the world, focusing diffuse information into practical business intelligence. We aim to be where decision-makers worldwide look first to see what happens next in their markets. This has been our mission since UniMinds' founding in 1995. The ownership of our privately-held company has remained constant during those turbulent dot-com years, as has our commitment to integrity, excellence and innovation in all we do.

UniMinds' media and people have consistently won numerous awards, including "Forbes Best of The Web", the highest award for Web excellence.

Executive Team

Dion A. Puzon Sr. VP OrgPro Farms OrgPro Group
Dion G. Puzon Jr. CEO/Publisher UniMinds Media/Tech Group
Pawan Ranabhat Intl. CTO UniMinds Tech Group

Administrative Office

32647 US Hwy 14           Lone Rock         WI    53556      Tel 608.588.6030 

OrgPro Farms - USA (Organic Research Facility)

  32647 US Hwy 14           Lone Rock          WI    53556       

UniMinds Equity Partners (Property Investments)

  Madison    |    Milwaukee    |    South Central Wisconsin       

Nova Free Rangers - CANADA (Free Range Facility)

  420 Boliivar Road           Rhodes Corner    Nova Scotia      B4V5N7       

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