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Developing best in class email marketing programs.

Clients who choose to work with UniMinds do so because they want more than just a technology solution. The email marketing marketplace is crowded with software systems that all do more or less the same things, with some being more advanced than others.

What sets UniMinds Media apart is the way we partner closely with our customers in providing the strategic input, advice and guidance to achieve their business objectives, utilizing the UniBiz platform. Our expertise is in helping our clients maximize revenue from their client database. Therefore we are results focused and where applicable, have revenue targets to work towards.

Our consultants work pro-actively to enable them to get the most out of our technology and to advise and guide them in achieving a best in class email marketing program.

The expertise and consultancy consists of a number of tangibles including:

* Dedicated consultant tasked with ensuring you have a best in class email program
* Project management and implementation of advanced techniques such as a dynamic content driven lifecycle messaging campaigns
* Auditing, planning and reviewing the email marketing program utilising our UniBiz framework
* Professional services such as HTML email design and custom integration projects

Targeted and dynamically personalized messages.

“Sixty percent of consumers who make immediate purchases from email marketing messages do so because they contain something they were already considering.” - Jupiter Research, The ROI of Email Relevance

The above statement highlights how important it is to ensure that each email message that is sent is targeted in the products, offers, news items and other content used in order to maximize response.

Yet what is equally important is that this strategy is followed through consistently. Untargeted broadcast campaigns will not only bring in less revenue but over time will disengage with your customer, leading to falls in click rates and rises in unsubscribe and complaint rates, as recipients of your emails learn that there is nothing of interest in your emails.

UniMinds Media employs the following strategies and tactics to improve relevance within the email marketing program:

* Tailored content using dynamic content rules based upon information we know about each recipient including past behaviour and purchase history.
* Triggering messages based upon specific dates and events such as renewal dates, birthdays or the last time a customer visited your site. Relevance is not just about content but also when you send the message.

* Welcome, lifecycle and win-back emails based upon where the customer is in their lifecycle

* Targeted emails based upon items added but not converted from their shopping carts in the last week
* Segmentation of lists through standard filter rules such as only sending to males as opposed to females

* Automation of content through our UniBiz Software to reduce the amount of resource required to build the hundreds of versions that can be required for one-to-one messaging

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