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Greetings! At UniMinds Media, we see the good that we do and we want to share it with the rest of the world. After WWII, it was the caring attitude of some Americans in the Tennessee Valley and in the farming regions of the Midwest that gave rise to the idea that devastated Europe must be given a chance to heal and eventually feed herself. We all heard the saying, "Don't just give them fish; teach them how to fish and give them the fishing tackle, too, so they can fish for themselves." It was then that a few farmers jointly sent heifers to war-torn Europe and in a few years, Europe progressed in the agricultural realm. This reality applies so aptly even today. There is so much goodness in the world that's waiting to be shared.

Technology and sustainability in agriculture has gotten to the point that the non-utilization of these factors simply spell slow business, failure, if not utter doom. At UniMinds, we have pledged to accomplish a mission: to seek the goodness in the world, and be an instrument in its dissemination. We all agree that agriculture is the world's bread and butter, but even in these modern times, there are still countries whose people have not tasted bread or butter, or if they have, their ways of obtaining or producing them have become altogether obsolete and therefore ineffectual. With the increase of nations in the world embracing democracy, we, at UniMinds hope to be an instrument of helping to create a more level playing field so that technology coupled with sustainability, and applied to every human endeavor, specifically, to agriculture, every citizen of the world will be a happy partaker in the goodness and fruitfulness of Mother Earth.

UniMinds Media publishes digital magazines, websites, and books that are put together with the greatest care and thought so that with their circulation domestically and internationally, our mission can be accomplished: seeking the goodness in the world and disseminating it, thereby helping nations to be of one mind. That's UniMinds!

Dion A Puzon Sr - VP Operations

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