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Inbound Marketing

Inbound: a more effective way to attract, engage, and delight.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Way back in 2007, we started talking about this transformation in how people collect information, shop, and buy. Traditional methods are labeled "outbound" — because it is fundamentally about pushing a message out. Inbound Marketing is all about attracting people into your site or publication, sharing the relevant information, creating useful content for your viewers, and offering helpful ideas. In turn, this creates awareness, excitement, education, and of course, sales.

Inbound was an idea whose time had come.

Getting businesses off the sidelines and into the game!

The next question was — if the concept of inbound was so easy to understand and inspiring, why weren’t more businesses doing it? Why were millions of businesses sitting on the sidelines instead of tapping into the power of this transformation?

The reason was clear: it was too hard to get started. There were content management systems and SEO tools and social media applications and marketing automation tools and on...and on...and on. Many of these individual tools were great — but the task of gluing them together was overwhelming.

The issue wasn’t a lack of tools, but that there were too many. Too many products to learn. Too many passwords to remember. Too many bills to pay. And, too many phone numbers to call for help. We wanted to stop the madness.

Our UniBiz Publishing platform was the perfect fit to integrate into the inbound process! One integrated system, designed from the ground up, helped us to transform how we market and sell to our target demographics and readership.

And here we are today, sharing with you, what we have created and learned.

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